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Jul 7 2013, 03:21 PM
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Jul 6 2013, 11:40 AM
and your life isn't a soap opera ;) They show Johns image for us, so we know who he is talking to. He doesn't always start out saying,'hey Pops'.
Since Sharon is so off the rocker anyway, she will spot some girl that bares a resemblance of Cassie and run with it. As fragile and flakey as Nick is right now, he will see it too.
Maybe they deserve each other. Sit in their rocking chairs babbling and talking to tree's.

This Cassie shit has to go . OMG the girl has been dead for years. Let her RIP. So tired of seeing Sharon talking to her or her grave and telling Cassie what she missed out on. Never to see her graduate, marry :blah: :blah: :blah:

:hail: :hail: Cassie caused her own death when she decided she wanted to impress Daniel by driving him home when he was drunk. Cassie caused the accident and Daniel took the blame for it.
Sharon needs to be in a padded cell.
Cassie caused her own death...and?? Regardless, she is still Sharon's daughter. It's not abnormal that she's grieving for her child, either.

My Gawd...Sharon haters. :blah:

The point is that she been giving for nearly a decade and she treats Cassie has her equal. Sharon has two other children who are living and need her. Sharon needs a padded cell because she refuses to let go of her dead daughter.
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