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Bright Eyes
Jul 7 2013, 12:39 PM
Jason, do you any idea of when Brady moved into the infamous Loft Apartment?
Gee, how eerie is that??? You ask this question out of the blue at pretty much the exact moment that I'm typing up 4/22/02, when the loft re-appears!!!! :chee:

4/22/02: Belle, Brady, Chloe, Cynthia, John, Kate, Lucas, Mimi, Philip, Roman, Sami, Shawn, Delivery Man, Jan (FBO).
Sets: Lucas' Apartment, Sami's Apartment & Corridor, Int. Elevator of Sami/Lucas Apartment Building, John's Basic Black Office, .COM & Exterior, Marlena's Penthouse, John's Old Loft.

April 22, 2002 NBC Summary:
Belle is overwhelmed with confusion when Shawn accuses her of causing Jan's miscarriage. He questions Belle, and she is forced to admit that she did go to Shawn's house and had a fight with Jan. But, Belle swears that Jan was fine when she left; she wouldn't have left her if something was wrong! Driven by grief, Shawn lashes out at Belle, who is crushed that he doesn't believe her. Later, Belle starts to wonder if she did cause Jan's miscarriage. Overwhelmed with guilt, she tries to get Shawn to understand, but the only thing he can believe is that the baby is dead and Belle is to blame. Shawn leaves her in absolute agony, filled to the brim with the worst pain she's ever known... Chloe confronts Philip after seeing the video of him and Cynthia and she barrages him with hateful words. Philip tries to defend, but Chloe says she never wants to see him again. She leaves and almost collapses as her rush of anger wanes. Philip sees this and tries to help, but Chloe won't let him touch her. She gathers enough strength to get out of there on her own. In his frustration and anger, Philip lunges a trash can through the window at Dot Com... Brady reveals his mysterious plan to move out of the Penthouse and into a swinging, trendy new apartment. John has a different idea for Brady and takes him to an older apartment building. It turns out to be the loft where John, Isabella, and Brady lived when he was a child. At first Brady is uncomfortable with the idea of living here, but changes his mind when he accidentally drops a glass object and it doesn't break. He reads into this occurrence as a sign that he's destined to live here. After John and Brady have left, the drapes rustle softly in the still room... Sami, Lucas, and Kate are all waiting, confident that the tape is about to be theirs. However, when the overnight courier arrives, Roman is with him and inadvertently foils Sami's scheme to have the tape delivered to her. Sami, Kate, and Lucas all try to con Roman into handing over the package, but he doesn't trust any of them. Instead, Roman opts to send the package to Austin himself, leaving Sami and Kate vowing to succeed in getting that tape back!
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