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Jul 7 2013, 03:21 PM
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Jul 6 2013, 06:28 PM
Jul 6 2013, 11:40 AM
and your life isn't a soap opera ;) They show Johns image for us, so we know who he is talking to. He doesn't always start out saying,'hey Pops'.
Since Sharon is so off the rocker anyway, she will spot some girl that bares a resemblance of Cassie and run with it. As fragile and flakey as Nick is right now, he will see it too.
Maybe they deserve each other. Sit in their rocking chairs babbling and talking to tree's.

This Cassie shit has to go . OMG the girl has been dead for years. Let her RIP. So tired of seeing Sharon talking to her or her grave and telling Cassie what she missed out on. Never to see her graduate, marry :blah: :blah: :blah:

:hail: :hail: Cassie caused her own death when she decided she wanted to impress Daniel by driving him home when he was drunk. Cassie caused the accident and Daniel took the blame for it.
Sharon needs to be in a padded cell.
Cassie caused her own death...and?? Regardless, she is still Sharon's daughter. It's not abnormal that she's grieving for her child, either.

My Gawd...Sharon haters. :blah:
I'm not a Sharon hater, I just think she's a stupid twit, and I'm really getting tired of not being able to criticize a character without being called a hater. It's a soap, if you really HATE a character, you have a problem that can't be solved here.
There are a lot of characters that I don't like or who make me want to barf, but I certainly don't hate them.
BTW, that is collective you, not you personally. ;)
Sometimes I like phyliss and sometimes I don't, same with a lot of others, some I don't like ever, like Lauren, do I hate her, no, will I cheer and do the happy dance if she leaves, hell yeah!
Cassie did cause her own death, she and she alone got behind the wheel of the car, no one asked her to, no one put her there, she did it all on her own.
People all over the world lose loved ones, they remember them sure, but, as the years go by, do they all relive it as though it happened yesterday? Not the sane ones, life is for the living.
Sharon is obsessed with cassie, you don't see the Abbotts making pilgrimages to the gravesite every year, of course, Jack has his ghostly conversations with John, and I'm getting sick of those too.
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