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I finally caught up with all the episodes. I was behind from April 21. It ended well. I never believed bae died. I always thought he went somewere else. I loved the finale with all of them going to neverland. Peter pan wants henry wonder y. Im so happy belle got her memory bak. When belle was lacy that was funny. The shadow man was creepy. Rumple cutting the tongue yuck. I loved Robin Hood. I felt a little bad for greg when he saw he's father's body. I hate tamera wat a bitch. When snow was looking through regina's eyes that was weird too.I loved how emma and regina saved storybrooke. I loved it when we her taking care of her in fairy tale world. Next season it looks like it will be a good one. I hope rumple doesn't die like that person that told he would be. I wonder how all of them will come bak to storybrooke.
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