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Jul 8 2013, 07:51 AM
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I miss this guy SO much! Jay Kenneth Johnson is one of those actors who has on-screen chemistry with everyone.

While not minding Phelle, I wish Philip and Stephanie had been given a fighting chance. If for no other reason than the awesome soapy drama of having Steve and Kayla's daughter seriously involved with/possibly married to Victor Kiriakis's son.

Well I DID love me some Phillip and Stephanie too!! Such a shame how they wasted Phillip on some lame pairings when he had killer chemistry with MM and SH. I miss Shelley Henning too!
Philip should have been slowly made to be the leader of the Kiriakis family....and with Ej's introduction a few years back and his prominent role in the Dimera family, I thought they would both be made to be the future of their respective families, Philip being the greyer of the two, with Ej being dark just like Stefano.....just goes to show you what happens when writers/producers/network butt in.....I like Brady but there is no way that he should be heading the Kiriakis family into the future...if anything Philip should be doing that and Brady and him should be butting heads as to who gets control of what......heck Chloe could have even played a continuous role in that story if they would have kept Parker as her child w/Philip...instead they focus on Dan as if he's the best thing to happen to this show.
Seems like I remember reading an article in SOD way back when....maybe the Sheffer days?... Where Corday was saying they were going to do just that. Basically Phillip becoming head of that family and passing the torch to the younger heirs of the families in Salem. Obviously Corday forgot to read the scripts but that's exactly what should've happened. It's a damn shame they got rid of Phillip.
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