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Jul 7 2013, 04:59 PM
Jul 7 2013, 04:48 PM
IMO Patrick and Robin raised Emma correctly. It's very understandable she doesn't like Britt, and isn't ready for a baby sibling, especially from the same woman that was mean to her. And, Emma isn't too old to have a toy doll.

No they did not raise Emma correctly. Emma is a child and needs to be around children her own age, not around the adults who thinks what she does and say is always right. Emma is growing up to be a drama queen just like her parents want her to be. :shrug:
I totally disagree with this. The adults in Emma's life don't think everything she says and does is right. Even Sabrina talked with her abt loving the new baby
and being nicer to Britt.

Emma is a child dealing with a great loss. It's understandable she would have moments of being a "drama queen." However, the adults are supportive, attempting to love her through the difficulty.

No they are not being supportive but they are her enablers. Emma didn't like the doll when Felicia and Mac gave it to her and when Sabrina showed up, she suddenly like the doll. If they were being supportive of Emma then they would put her with other children. Emma is being taught to be a master manipulator because every temper tantrums she throws, the adults cave into her. That not establishing a healthy, supportive system for Emma.

Jul 7 2013, 11:31 PM
I don't think Emma is too old for dolls

Different strokes for different folks, i guess. The girls on my street play outside, ride their bikes, and do things children their age do and their parents are house. Emma needs to play with other children her own age.
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