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I really hated this cast and season to begin with (was coming off the Canada high), but I am really coming around to it. I thought this was a VERY good Sunday episode!!! I am also spoiler-free this season so I think that helps. (Also not caring about the season helps me be spoiler-free! haha)

I don't like Aaryn, but I am glad she won HOH. She will keep this season interesting. She is such a hateful bitch. I think she actually makes a great villain. (She is a terrible human being though.) And I think her life is pretty much over. Or at least her career, I mean, she wants to work in psychology? Good luck!

I would like the power to shift every week like BB6. This week, the racists won, hopefully next week, the other side will win, and next week, the racists, and so on and so forth! I'd love that. I just want DRAMA!

I hate Jeremy - more than Aarryn!

Andy is hilarious. Amanda too.

I like Elissa, but not as much as Rachel. She doesn't have that fire Rachel had. Sorry!

I really like Helen.

And Candyland??? Who saw that coming? Not me. Smart girl!
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