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This week on Salem Reborn (7/8):

A week that starts with a bang.

The DiMera villa guard aims his gun at Andrew and Abby as Andrew raises his gun. Both men fire.

Only grows more explosive.

Will faces Sami in Common Grounds. He raises an eyebrow and asks if he heard her right. "Did you seriously just pass moral judgment on another member of our family?"

Kristen and Kate are squaring off as Kristen snarls, "I will avenge my father."

Sami stalks angrily across the pier toward where Jeannie and Christian are standing with Lucas. "Stay away from my son," Sami says.

Ian is on a phone. He listens, nods, and says, "That sounds about right for now. Nothing fatal. Just a scare."

In Chad's apartment, Daniel and Chad appear as if they are about to come to blows. Melanie jumps between them.

It's nighttime and Jack and Shane are outside, yelling over the sound of a helicopter. "You're going to have to push me out of the chopper to stop me," Jack yells.

A car roars through the gates of the DiMera Villa. It is then seen on a dark road as Abby's voice screams, "They're shooting." Andrew then is heard shouting, "Hang on," as the car turns violently and skids sideways down the road.

Catch Episodes 14 and 15 this week at Salem Reborn.
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