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Jul 6 2013, 02:33 PM

I'm still on the fence with Zach and Lea. I read that Alicia Minshew (Kendall) is going to return for an episode or two, and that she gets some medicine from Binx. Not sure what's going on or if they're killing off her character so she gives the boys to Zach to raise, but as long as Ryan and Greenlee are NEVER EVER MENTIONED AGAIN, I'm cool with that. :yuk: :puke:
I watched this week's episodes, and I saw them leave the door wide open for Kendall to return to Pine Valley, and maybe seek David's experimental heart treatment which might save her life. That's speculation only, but they did allow themselves room to bring Alicia Minshew back for longer than one episode and to do a story. I also thought that her not wanting to drag Zach into her problems, and his inability to move on from Kendall with anyone, was a sign that Zach and Kendall may not be over after all, which I'll take. I'm not thrilled with divorcing the Slaters right out of the gate the way AMC did, and I don't buy for one second the bogus explanation given for their divorce, but I can see a soapy reunion for them happening down the road, thanks to David saving Kendall's life. IMO, the odds of them killing off Kendall are slim to none, considering she's a legacy character, and AMC has promoted her one-day return like Alicia is the star she is. If anything, they need her to come back for more than one day.
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