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Jul 5 2013, 03:50 AM
Jul 4 2013, 09:44 PM
Jul 3 2013, 03:41 AM
Bright Eyes
Jul 2 2013, 02:32 PM
Never liked him, won't ever miss him and I hope he never comes back.

Never liked him either. Always shocked by how many fans he had, because Drake is such a bad actor in my opinion. Whenever someone makes fun of acting on soaps, I think of Drake Hogestyn. So I won't miss him.


Jul 2 2013, 02:36 PM
I really wish they'd just learn to write an exit story.

I do agree with this. As much as I don't like him, John is a huge part of Days of Our Lives and therefore should have a big send off, if he was fired. Not using these big exits (Reckell, Hogestyn) for some big events/stories is just stupid. I don't get it... Bad choices by the writers on those exits.

Well. You both may not LIKE him, and may not MISS him.. But your in the Minority..For every 1 person who isnt a fan.. he has probably 20+ who are
I Dont like some characters too, But any Vet deserves an exit story.. However Couples deserve more than Just an Exit, Like here today..Gone tomorrow.. POWER Couples deserve even More, It should Have a strong story base, And should never compromise the Couples History.. So Far The writers have DESTROYED Almost every couple the fan bases have come to love. Some of the very best story lines from the past 3 decades have been with Jarlena. Bope, Kayla&Steve, and JACK&Jenn and Lumi...To a lesser degree Ejami, Ejole, Safe....And they should NEVER force a couple as in the Despised *Dannifer* EJ/Taylor Etc....They want to shove the Matriarch positions down our throat thru Maggie and Victor. A VERY unlikely couple, She has clipped his Ball's and thats shame He is Nothing like the Victor I cme to enjoy.... Same with Stephano.. And they write EJ as a total Wimp.. I have no CLUE how they won that Emmy .. I truly dont Dannifer is despised. Ther is no exciting Love story or action.. We ofcourse Hate that John was written totally ooc, and then made to vanish. They REFUSE to write romance for the most romantic couple ever, Since they returned they made love 1 time only in 2011 (One of the most acclaimed romantic episodes in years) Cab delight, Strawberries, and a sexy Love Scene.. Frankly I prefer their lovemaking over any other couple on screen.. Others look raunchy, while J&M look romantic..
But my point is.. The writers ignored opportunities to write for them.. And Drake is attached to his character,so Im sure he despised the way he was written so OOC.. Regardless.. They are just ONE victim of the writers.. ALL Super Couples have been destroyed or tarnished...
And now they dont even show enough respect to write a decent, or ANY exit for Him,.. These writers have NOTHING to be proud of.. Again, I think the Emmy was a FLUKE ****
Just how I feel
Sure. Never said that Drake/John doesn't habe fans or that I was in majority group.
I know he has a huge following (which is baffling to me, but okay.. ). So don't take it personally. It was just my opinion. ;)

And I don't agree with you that vets HAVE to have stories. And that powercouples HAVE to have stories.

Not every vets is a good vet and not every powercouple is interesting. So yeah..
Im sorry if my anger came off bad, Didnt mean for it to, Im just so Upset with this.. :soapbox: :drunk: But I didnt mean that All Vets deserve story all the time.. But if a major couple is Torn apart some thought should go into it, especially if One is leaving.. Its not even about what THEY deserve, Its about what the FANS deserve.. If your Fav couple were treated this way, So Out of character Than one just vanished, You would prob be upset.. Any fan would have that right. If Peggy,Maggie, or Victor, or Stephano just took a plane and never came back with no reason, well .. Id be very upset.. They have paid their dues, and deserve better.. and so do the fans.
IMO :shrug:
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