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As a John and marlena fan for over 20 years I am absolutely appalled at the exit they are giving "John" !! I mean you bring our fav couple back in 2011 only to have them spend more time apart then together, totally destroy "johns" character with lousy writing ( no surprise days didn't win an Emmy for writing team) and now you have him off screen and days won't even give us an answer if drake's been fired or not...were left guessing. Now I read the spoilers for next week (drakes last air date) and he has scenes with Brady not even marlena. If you're gonna destroy our couple at least let the last scenes be together! They owe us fans that much for putting up with all this crap the last 2 years!! And i thought there exit in 2009 was bad, but this makes me livid! I really feel bad for drake...he did the best he could with the shitty writing he was given. Hopefully he'll be back soon. Days totally destroyed our favorite couples who we grew up watching and who made days what it is. The vets deserve better. I know they just lost another viewer as I am fed up with this show! :soapbox:
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