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Sammie Jo
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Jul 8 2013, 07:10 PM
Jul 8 2013, 08:03 AM
my mother lost her 10 yr old sister over 80 years ago, she still grieves, I've grown up more with the dead than I did the living, my cousin said one time "all the family talks about is the dead" my mother answered her with "there's more dead than not", another cousin asked how old a third cousin was (who by the way is still alive) and my mother said "well she DIED oh she's still alive isn't she" (the nerve of my cousin to still be alive)so Sharon's not wrong in still mourning her dead daughter no matter whose fault it was (it was the writers!) As far as Sharon goes. nothing she does will ever be right with some people, but I suggest that we tar and feather her, hang her from the highest tree with a lynch mob still people wouldn't be satisfied because we know that's the only reason Michelle Stafford is leaving is because Sharon Case drove her out of town. Otherwise Michelle had the writers and Jill in the palm of her hands, it couldn't be because Michelle saw that the FOJ were taking over and the older females were being written less or out all together (and I include Sharon in that group) look at Nicki, Gloria, Anita (not that she is that popular anyway) Jill, they don't show them too often so I look for their roles to be whittled down until all we have is Summer, Abby, and Chelsea and of course Miss Wonderful herself Lily.
Exactly! Sharon can do no right for anybody.
and phyliss can't do anything right for some people either.
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