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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I think it's just the stories....not any particular pairing here that is having success. Overall, Ejami are together but unlike in previous years they don't seem to be the focus of the A story....Kristen seems to be the real driver of the A story here....and the insertion of JJ into Dannifer has taken the focus entirely away from Dannifer, which is always welcome. In other words, stuff is happening on the show and I think that is the most important part....and what measures their success. If the show was as boring as when MarDar was writing it and as disgusting as when Higgs was writing it, then we wouldn't even be talking about any ratings increases.....that said...I truly don't know how Days could have gotten ANY worse from MarDar's numbers....they went below Higley's worse numbers.....when you hit the bottom you really can't go anywhere else but up.....
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Ratings for the week of June 24-28, 2013 · General Daytime News