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Kimberly, Caroline and Jeannie together in 1991...the trio reunites again this November!

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Jeannie spends time with her cousins in this 1992 group shot. Eric is holding one of the Jeannie twins while Max holds the other. Sami is up front holding the Stephanie twins. In the back are Jeannie's brother, Andrew, and Shawn Douglas.

Although Jeannie Theresa Donovan is the daughter of Shane and Kimberly, she does not have much of a history on-screen. Jeannie was portrayed by 6 different actresses and appeared in only 35 episodes between her birth in 1990 and her last appearance during her Christmas visit in 1997.

Fun Fact: Theresa and J.J. Deveraux share the same birthday! Theresa was born on September 3, 1990 (off-screen) and J.J. was born on September 3, 2004.

A History of Jeannie Theresa Donovan actresses:
Hannah Taylor Simmons: 9/4/90-4/25/91 (6 episodes)
Alicia & Emily Pillatzke: 8/23/91-1/22/92 (16 episodes)
Gabriella Massari: 8/14/92-9/9/92 (7 episodes)
Caitlin Wachs: 10/5/92-12/22/92 (4 episodes)
UNKNOWN: 11/1/96 (1 episode)
UNKNOWN: 12/24/97 (1 episode)
Jen Lilley: 7/3/13-Present

Here are the cast & set lists from Jeannie's first and last episodes:

Cast: Bo, Carly, Isabella, Kayla, Marcus, Patch, Roman, Shane, Victor, Shawn Douglas, Andrew, Jeannie, Benjy, Peggy, Craig, Lloyd, Nico, Dr. Parks, Little Bo, Little Hope, Mrs. Banks/Nanny, Nurse.
Sets: Shane's Hotel Room & Corridor/Los Angeles, Haunted House, Shawn Douglas' Hospital Room & Corridor, Pier, Patch/Kayla Mansion Foyer & Exterior, Playground, Hospital Nursery & Corridor/Los Angeles, Staff Lounge, Toscano Foundation Office & Reception Area (formerly Victor's Office).

Cast: Abe, Abigail, Alice, Austin, Billie, Bo, Caroline, Carrie, Celeste, Eric, Franco, Hope, Ivan, Jack, Jennifer, John, Kate, Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira/Thomas, Laura, Lexie, Lucas, Maggie, Marlena, Mickey, Mike, Roman, Sami, Shawn, Shawn Douglas, Stefano, Vivian, Kimberly, Will, Belle, Brady, Philip, Elvis, Jonesy, Henderson, Andrew, Jeannie, Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira/Thomas Body Double, Hospital Kids, Tom (FBO).
Sets: Horton Living Room, Kiriakis Mansion, Marlena's Penthouse, Salem Place, DiMera Mansion & Exterior, Nurses' Station, Brady Pub, Ext. Front Door of Roman & Marlena's Old House.

Jeannie's first appearance (9/4/90)...Shane sees her at the hospital nursery in Los Angeles (Kimberly gave birth off-camera the day before):

Kimberly, Jeannie and Andrew return to Salem (2/20/91):

Cal Winters admits to Kimberly that Jeannie is really Shane's daughter (11/14/91) and Shane spends time with Jeannie (11/20/91). Enjoy Marty Davich's lovely background music!

Shane says goodbye to Salem...and Kimberly, Andrew & Jeannie (10/7/92):

Jeannie's last appearance,,,the girl standing in purple next to Andrew (12/24/97)...the Bradys and friends sing "Joy to the World"...Susan arrives holding Elvis (aka EJ):
Go to the 36-minute mark

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