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Jul 7 2013, 10:29 AM
T.J. Ashford: Lower back to recurring.

Shawn Butler: Keep on contract.

Nikolas Cassadine: Cast too big; fire or recurring.

Silas Clay: Recurring to be doctor @ GH; no big SLs.

Michael Corinthos: Recast with Drew Garrett. Keep on contract.

Morgan Corinthos: RECAST! with someone more like Carly/Sonny.

Sonny Corinthos: Keep on contract of course.

Alexis Davis: Keep on contract; may lower to recurring.

Anna Devane: Keep on contract!

Patrick Drake: Contract.

Felix DuBois: Leave town and never return.

Kate Howard: Now that Kelly Sullivan is gone, recast with Megan Ward again!

Dante Falconeri: Keep on contract.

Olivia Falconeri: Contract.

Franco: Bye bitch.

Carly Corinthos: Contract ofc.

Ava Jerome: Kill off.

Lauren Jerome: Kill off.

Maxie Jones: Contract.

Rafe Kovich, Jr: Kill.

Sam McCall: Contract.

AJ Quartermaine: Contract.

Tracy Quartermaine: Contract.

Theresa Lopez, I mean Sabrina: Kill off!

Mac Scorpio: Keep on contract and actually use.

Laura Spencer: Contract.

Luke Spencer: Keep on contract.

LuLu Spencer: Recast ASAP; on C.

Elizabeth Webber: C.

Britt Westbourne: C.

Scott Baldwin: Move to contract!

Spencer Cassadine: Leave with Nikolas.

Lucy Coe: Move to contract!

Kevin Collins: Get rid of.

Brad Cooper: Fire ASAP.

Taylor DuBois: Keep somehow on recurring.

Max/Milo: Keep on recurring.

Alice Gunderson: Keep on recurring.

Josslyn Jacks: Recurring; SORAS soon.

Epiphany Johnson: Keep on recurring.

Felicia Jones: Move to recurring!

Molly Lansing: Keep on recurring.

Duke Lavery: Get rid of.

Diane Miller: Keep on recurring.

Monica Quartermaine: Move to contract.

Damian Spinelli: Fire.

Ellie Trout: Fire.

Lesley Webber: Move to contract!


Robert Scorpio: Contract.

Holly Scorpio: Contract.

Ethan Lovett: Contract.

Kristina Corinthos: Contract; with Lexi Ainsworth.

Robin Scorpio-Drake: Contract.

Rick Webber: Contract.

Trey Mitchell: Contract.

Skye Quartermaine: Contract.

Lila Alcazar: Recurring; SORASed.

Brook Lynn Ashton: Recurring.

Matt Hunter: Recurring.

Bobbie Spencer: Contract.

John Durant: Recurring.
Agree with some or most of choices. But would def keep Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, Laura's son should stay and with possibly Elizabeth! as should Spencer.) & Chad Duell(Michael, he's much better than Drew Garrett, who I've read that had problems on the set so don't need him back.), No need for the horrible Silas Clay, AXE. Kill off Franco in a awesome who done it storyline? I'd get ride of Kiki, horrible, terrible name. Keep Maura West who I think is great as Ava. Why possibly axe Nancy Lee Grahn to recurring , hell no Alexis too important. I might axe Shawn Blakemore(Shawn) and Tequan Richmond(TJ), plus Sabrina, Felix & Taylor & Brad, Spinelli & Ellie (have them get married & leave town with Spinelli's baby with Maxie, after getting full custody from Maxie!). I'd might keep Kelly Sullivan as Connie, but might recast with original Megan Ward. I'd def keep Emme Rylan as Lulu, she's doing a great job. Ian Buchanan(Duke) should stay and on contract. I agree with Leslie Charleson(Monica) & Denise Alexander(Lesley) back to contract. If he's able, I'd bring back Stuart Damon(Alan) on contract too. I kinda like Bryan Craig as Morgan, but kinda agree that he might ought to be re-cast.

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) and Lynn Herring(Lucy) def both need to be contract. Agree Britt should be kept and redeemed. Have her be the one to save Robin, and re-cast Robin if Kimberly McCullough isn't willing to return full-time.

Def keep Kristina Wagner (Felicia) & put on contract, and give her, Mac, Anna, Duke more to do.

I agree with most of your returns, except for Kristina, Lexi Ainsworth is not right for the role anymore, re-cast with a much better actress that will make us forget Ainsworth or Lindsey Morgan existed. Chris Robinson as Rick would be good IF he's not too ill to return.

Bring back Matt on contract. Re-cast if Jason Cook doesn't want to come back.

John Durant dead so need for him.
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