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Just to add to what Jason has posted.

Jeannie was born in Los Angeles in September 1990 when Shane and Kim were split up. At the time, she was believed to be Cal Winters' daughter. She was supposedly named after Shane's mother, even though a year earlier, under hypnosis, Shane had said his mother's name was Margaret.

In February 1991, Kim returned to Salem with Andrew and Jeannie. Although she had just pushed for a divorce a few months earlier, Kim hoped to reconcile with Shane, but he was not willing to reunite. He pursued Kayla instead. In November 1991, after Kim and Kayla were kidnapped by Cal, they leaned that Jeannie really was Shane's daughter. But he had very little time with her. In December, he was sent away on assignment and, in January 1992, Kim moved herself and the kids back to Los Angeles.

Six months later, Kim returned to Salem with plans to tell Shane and her family that she was engaged to Phillip Collier, but she was hit by a car. As she was recovering, in August, Phillip brought Andrew and Jeannie to Salem. But soon after, Shane left Salem for good. Meanwhile, Kim was suffering from multiple personality disorder and one of her alternate personalities decided to get rid of the kids. So Andrew and Jeannie were shipped off to stay with Shane.

Jeannie subsequently returned for Christmas 1992 and the 1996 and 1997 appearances with Kim. When Kim returned in 2010 for Alice's funeral, she said the "children" were with her and visiting their cousins, but other than that, when Kim has returned, Jeannie has usually been visiting Shane and unable to get to Salem in time.
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