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Jul 9 2013, 03:27 AM
Jul 9 2013, 03:10 AM
Jul 8 2013, 02:32 PM
The reason this Stefano/EJ/Justin story has no punch (yet) is because it's all happened off screen. It's been a series of telephone calls and a few Justin/EJ meetings and that's it. Kinda lame.


My prediction: Stefano will regain control by telling EJ he can produce the switchblade and save Sami from the death penalty! Or -- by saying he will make public all the evidence against Will.
Which is precisely why this storyline is stupid -- because E.J. knows that Stefano has the evidence that incriminates Will, and he at least suspects that Stefano has the evidence that could exonerate Sami, yet he's still arrogant enough to believe that he has the upper hand and is actually going to defeat Stefano. I'm sure that Justin wouldn't have gotten involved in this mess if he had known that Stefano was holding evidence that could send Sonny's boyfriend to prison.

It should be noted that, despite all of E.J.'s claims to the contrary, he has not changed at all -- he's still putting his own selfish desires ahead of Sami and Will's well-being (not to mention Johnny and Sydney's well-being -- and even Allie's well-being, since he was insisting a few months ago that he loved her, too -- since he is endangering their mother and their big brother with this ridiculous plan).

And Sami's going to look extremely foolish when she inevitably sleeps with and then forgives E.J. for gambling with her freedom, Will's freedom, and the welfare of her other children and granddaughter. Well, you know, as foolish as she can look at this point, after all of the...other things...that she has forgiven E.J. for doing to her and her family.

Not that I'm the least bit surprised, mind you -- I've said all along that E.J. has never and would never change. It never takes him long to prove that I'm right.
But I think to EJ, he has nothing to lose and only things to gain. He's not really risking anything because he didn't have any power over his father to begin with. Stefano has always had the ability to destroy Sami, Will and whoever else he wanted whenever the whim strikes him. At least if EJ succeeds in stealing all his father's assets, he may have a chance to gain the upper hand because Stefano will lack resources to carry out his plans. And EJ has indicated repeatedly that he wants to gain control to protect his family from Stefano as much as to enact revenge on him. So while i agree EJ will ultimately fail and that it was foolhardy for him to think he could actually defeat his father, I don't think EJ's intentions are bad here.
But the stupid thing is EJ handed all that power to Stefano.

If he hadn't pressed Samanther to go to Stefano for help so he could get her to live in the mansion Stefano wouldn't have had Will's evidence.
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