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Jul 9 2013, 10:16 AM
Jul 9 2013, 02:50 AM
Re: the speculation about Kate being the one who has the straight razor, that wouldn't make sense to me, since Kate has said on more than one occasion that, while she still loathes Sami for many other reasons, she is genuinely grateful to Sami for saving Rafe's life. Making Sami pay for saving the life of someone whom Kate cares about wouldn't ring true to me, just like it wouldn't ring true to me if Kate suddenly tried to convince Lucas to take Allie away from Sami after repeatedly conceding that Sami was a good mother.

Kate already has a very natural reason to go after Sami that is currently playing out on-screen -- the theft of Mad World's anti-aging cream. She doesn't need to punish Sami for things that Kate actually benefited from. Besides, I don't believe that today's Kate would put Sami on death row as easily as the 90s era Kate did. This Kate has gained too much grudging respect for Sami's parenting skills and has too much to lose, since Will would disown her and forbid her from ever seeing Arianna again if he found out that she was responsible for sending Sami back to death row.
Kate saying that Sami is a good mother is a new thing, when all the characters started kissing her ass without her doing anything to earn it. Now it's simply announced, as if it makes it anymore true than when people annouce that Taniel is a wonderful person :ermmmm:

She's always been a selfish mother willing to use and abandon her children on a dime to get what she wants, it's just that now she never gets called out on it.
I disagree with the implication that this is a bad thing in this case, though. Yes, the viewers might think that Sami is a horrible mother. (Of course, I'm convinced that many viewers would find some way to criticize Sami even if we saw her spending every single day doing nothing but being a mother to her children, but that's another matter entirely.) But my definition of a "good mother" and your definition of a "good mother" isn't important. It's Kate's definition of a "good mother" that matters, and Kate would absolutely believe that Sami is a good mother because Sami has the same fierce parenting traits that Kate possesses.

Sami is willing to do anything for her children when she believes that they need her help, even if they don't want her help. Sami loves her children, even if she isn't the most hands-on parent in the known universe. Sami can't resist meddling in her childrens' lives, although we are only just beginning to see that side of her, since Will is her only child who is really old enough to have a life that's worth meddling in. Sami often makes impulsive decisions, rationalizing that she is making those decisions for the sake of her children, without fully considering the ramifications of those decisions. I don't know about anyone else, but to me, all of those traits sound eerily similar to the traits that a certain other woman who used to have a streak in her hair possesses.

This has nothing to do with the so-called "propping" that many people love to complain about and everything to do with characters being written in-character, IMO. It just so happens that the consequence of a character being written in-character, in this case, is that the character in question is saying things that a large portion of the audience apparently vehemently disagrees with. And of course it's a fairly recent development, because, as I pointed out earlier, Sami has only recently been able to really start to exhibit the traits that Kate respects in a mother, since Sami's kids are much younger than Kate's kids are. As time goes on and Sami's younger kids age into young adults whose lives involve more than play dates and afternoon naps, I suspect that Kate's opinion of Sami as a mother will only continue to get better, quite frankly -- not worse.
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