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Monday ("Kristen Is Stunned")
Kristen is shocked by Brady's revelation; a huge scandal interrupts the reception for the new school.

Tuesday ("Sami's World")
Sami's world as she knows it comes crashing down and reality about her situation sets in; Eric and Nicole argue about Sami.

Wednesday ("Justin and Adrienne")
Justin gives Adrienne a tongue-lashing; Kristen lies to Brady once again.

Thursday ("Nicole Is Horrified")
News of Brady and Kristen's reconciliation horrifies Nicole; Daniel lets Eric in on whom he thinks poisoned him.

Friday ("Testing the Waters")
Eric admits to Brady his true feelings about his stepbrother's reunion with Kristen; Theresa tests the waters with Daniel.

National Enquirer spoilers
Eric and Nicole have a heated argument
A huge scandal disrupts the new schools reception
Brady makes a stunning confession
Adrienne's actions stun Justin and Sonny.
Abigail questions JJ's involvement with Theresa.

SoapCentral Spoilers
Two huge reveals rock Salem to its core
Sami finds herself back in the lion's den
Former lovers may rekindle what the once had
A strained love grows even more fragile
Daniel has a diagnosis for an epically shocked Eric
Nicole's life gets a lot more complicated

DR Spoilers
EJ hints to Eric that Nicole's in love with him (Eric), and Nicole's furious.
Will worries Sami's legal troubles are because of him, so he tells Justin something important.
Theresa spies a handsome doctor at the hospital and has an idea...
Kate worries Rafe won't remember their relationship.
Kristen thinks that the past may help her fix her present.
Cameron gives Gabi some advice.

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