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Jul 9 2013, 03:12 PM
I've always felt a bit off with Daley. Could Hazel be any more obvious with her actions? I liked her and Dan and I guess I shouldn't be that shocked, but I was hoping that she wouldn't become "that" girl. I haven't seen/read anything from today, but I'd love for Gina/Dexter to take Charlie off and put Daley up.
It looks like Daily initiated it in the first place (or it was going on before but only made it to the daily show this past week) so he's a complete dick. And I don't think anyone is buying his changed story that they arent really together, when for 3 weeks it'd been that they were together going into the show. But with Hazel there'll be moments where Daily says "no" and she just throws herself at him harder. Like the rejection is a challenge.

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