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I didn't think it was possible for me to dislike Sonny and Shawn more than Franco, but I do. That beat-down today was not enjoyable viewing. It just made me think that Shawn must be one of the most pathetic and wretched men on the planet to walk away from a woman like Alexis for the joy of beating the crap out of people/possibly killing them for a paycheck and to get the occasional "atta boy" from Sonny. I'm glad Alexis caught the tail end of that fight. If she decides to get back with Shawn I'll have to write her off as pathetic and wretched too.

I'm sick of the aggrandizement that these mob characters receive on GH. What Alexis said to Shawn the other day was as truthful as it gets - Sonny doesn't do the shit he does for any noble purpose. He does it in pursuit of money, period, point blank. How this behavior is charismatic and alluring to anyone is beyond me.
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