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Jul 10 2013, 10:51 AM
I have a slight issue with a piece of info you posted about JJ. It says that JJ was born Sept. 3, 2004. That means he would have been concieved around mid-late Nov./early Dec., right?? But, Jack was "killed" by the Salem Stalker in October. What was the actual airdate of Jen giving birth to JJ?
That is the actual airdate of his birth. Soaps always make pregnancies as long as they need to be, for storyline purposes. If Stefano can come back from the dead hundreds of times, Jack can be killed 11 months before Jennifer gives birth, and still be the father!!

Pat's recap from September 3, 2004:

Friday Sep 3
On the island…..Patrick delivers Jen’s baby. A little boy….Jen can’t hear him crying…Patrick says he isn’t breathing….he finally cries as Jen holds him close….she continues to bleed and Patrick tells her that Hope better hurry and get here as Jen says if she continues to bleed she will die.

Dustin's recap from September 3, 2004:
September 3, 2004

On the island, Patrick helps Jen deliver her baby. He says he can see the head and she has to push. She says she cant, shes too tired. He tells her not to give up now! Jen makes Patrick to promise her to put the baby first no matter what, even above her. He says okay. Patrick delivers the baby, which is a boy. However, the baby isnt crying or breathing. Patrick works to save the baby, which he does. Jen is bleeding heavily, and Patrick worries. Jen thanks Patrick and says this is a miracle. Jen also says she is having pain. Patrick says she is bleeding a lot more than she should be. He says he cant stop it, so they have to pray Hope gets here with supplies. Jen says if she doesnt stop bleeding she could die! The baby then begins to cry as Jen says this.
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