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Poker Face
Jul 10 2013, 11:26 AM
Jul 10 2013, 08:37 AM
I hope they at least have Nicole and Marlena immediately suspect Kristen. I mean, Kris has basically told Nicole that she's "had" Eric, and Doc knows she's a screwball who'll do anything for revenge.

Eric was drugged and has no memory of what happened to him in that room, so someone should automatically begin to question who would want to do him harm.

I'm stunned that Marlena has NO part of this story, bc Kristen is screwing with her son and step son. Then Sami is back with EJ. Will just had a baby. How come she doesn't interact with those people anymore? it's like the only way for her to be on is when John is there, which he's not but that doesn't mean that just because he's "gone" that Marlena should be too. :soapbox:
Actually, it doesn't make sense that Kristen is going after Eric and NOT Marlena herself. Just because Stefano told Kristen with a text msg not to PHYSICALLY not harm Marlena doesn't mean she couldn't do other things to harm her. Fact is the writers have no interest in Marlena. They'd rather create new victims for the hallowed Kristen to go up against. Pick and choose the history they want to use and ignore the history that makes the most sense.
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