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I knew the evitable would happen once I heard about Drake, I don't care for Jarlena, but I understand the importance of their history as the supercouple of Days. Bryan has always been a team player, he was barely used when he came back and his episode counts are not high, but you have those that have high episode counts and can't act if their life depended on it. The new writers and tptb don't know how to use their best talent, instead they want to pick favorites through nepotism and used actors or actresses who to me are not adding much to the show and my viewership. I can't say I am surprise by this turn of event. I knew once Tomlin was coming back to the show, BD days were numbered. My investment in the show has decrease because they don't value their veterans and don't value talent. I wish the character who was in a coma stayed in a coma, but at last I would not get my wish and the one that has great acting ability was taken off the credits, whatever. Tptb can go screw themselve for all I care. :flipoff:
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