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Jul 10 2013, 09:29 AM
Jul 9 2013, 11:38 PM
Okay, I didn't love this as much as others did. I was too distracted by Sami stamping her way through every storyline on screen -- still dressed in bright pink, as though we wouldn't notice her without it. I did enjoy her snarking on Daniel, but there was a little bit of "voice of the audience" in the dialogue that doesn't quite ring true when Sami says it. Much better when JJ does it. It was nice to hear, though.

One note -- it really bothers me that Kristen calls both Stefano and Eric 'Father'. Stops me for a minute in the story.

I'll be ticked if EJ takes down Stefano. If JM is retiring, I'd rather see him hand over the empire than have Stefano disgraced and kicked out of his own home. I don't believe that this is the end of Stefano, though. The conversation on the plane yesterday made it sound as though he was still one step ahead of EJustin.
Do all the "Sami haters", I understand she is everywhere. In almost all scenes. I get that, and it IS perturbing. But my question about the complaints on AS's acting. Is it ya'lls stance that she is a bad actress, or is Sami that you dislike. Is it Sami or AS? Does anyone think she is playing Sami as they are directing her, or is it your opinion that she "overacts" and just a poor actress? I know next to nothing about acting, so I know I'm ignorant compared to most of ya'll here. I love learning from those of you who make a study of it!! Myself, I assume she is written to be a snotty, self centered, OTT woman! So I can't hat AS for that! I personally know women who act like that so I don't criticize Sweeny for that! Everyone cries differently. Holds their feelings in (hence the skirmishes on her face), storms around, demands. I know people like this so I don't blame AS as I assume its who her character is supposed to be!

CM as well. I kinda see his smirks as unnatural, but have accepted it as Wills personality. I know people who smile/smirk inappropriately, so chalk it up to where Will is at in life! With what he's been through I can understand him having awkward expressions and not emoting appropriately.

DHim....I see his posture/mannerisms as stuff that needs to be worked on!

I appreciate ya'll sharing your thoughts with me! I repeat, my theatre lingo is lacking cuz I'm not a student of the Art of acting!
Oops this would be addressed to me.

It's her woeful acting that makes it dreadful to watch her.

If she was a more convincing actress I could probably get on board with the character.

The character hasn't done anything worse that Kate - and I love Kate because Lauren is a classy hit the nail on the head actress.

There have been times when Sami has been written as a non snotty non self centred OTT woman and she was still bad. Case in point Colleen. Different character, same actress.... hated it with the passion of seven thousand fiery suns. It was debilitatingly painful to watch.

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