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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jul 10 2013, 05:25 PM
Jul 10 2013, 04:34 PM
When will everyone understand this, no fucking actor is responsible for another actor not getting screen time. Geez... TPTB are the ONLY fucking people responsible for lack of story/airtime for another actor. I blame, Ken, Tomlin/Whitesell/NBC in this. Why is that so hard to understand??
I think you're all arguing two different things.

Did JS or Galen go to TPTB and request more screentime for themselves and less for Bryan? Highly unlikely.

But did some writer or producer see JS's success and decide to move Bryan out of the way? Could be. But as you're saying, that's a TPTB decision and not JS's fault.

Though it is worth noting that I'm sure in the past, some actors have requested more screentime for themselves at the expense of somebody else. I mean, Peggy McCay basically said as much about Suzanne in one of our interviews.
I know that when Tomlin came in as EP in 2008 two stories took a drastic turn from what they were building up that summer, and I know that AS RL pregnancy played a big part in it too, but still.what seemed to be an Ejami/ejole triangle turned into Ejole with the start up if Safe as two separate stories altogether woven in with the baby switch. Then what at one point looked to be shaping up in the summer to have Lucas and Philip fighting over Chloe turned into Philip being shoved toward Morgan with Dan being shoved into Lucloe.. By Dec, chloe was already eying Dan and by the following spring Luxas was out of his own triangle and Kate took his place. All decisions made by TPTB, who are now back at days in different capacities.... They are the problem
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