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Jul 10 2013, 07:59 PM
Here's the thing.

TPTB seem to think that Lucas isn't a viable love interest. I don't see why. Bryan does a great job in the role of Lucas and I think a lot of us have been waiting a long time to see HIM get the girl.

I don't count Sami because she's too fickle for words. Once she really gets a guy, she's not happy more than a few months before her eyes start to wander to someone else. But that's not Lucas's fault. That's a character flaw of Sami's. She's weak and never knows her own mind for long. EJ should still be guarding his feelings, because if Sami follows true to form, she's going to be in pursuit of Rafe again one of these months.

I wish Lucas could get a girl who only has eyes for HIM. Not only that, but Allie and Will are HIS children. He's the only character outside of JJ who sees Daniel for the womanizer that he's been since he came to Salem. I've waited for the rest of Salem to become concerned about Daniel's pattern with women, and so far the only ones who see him the way I do are JJ and Lucas.
I agree about Lucas. Love him and Bryan (though not near the end of his last run), and want to see him more. However, Sami being fickle is when she started to be written out of character. Sami always knew EXACTLY what she wanted and went after it guns blazing. This bitch basically went after Austin for almost ten consecutive years. This back and forth is what has ruined her.
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