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Jul 10 2013, 09:26 PM
Jul 10 2013, 08:52 PM
* Eric and Nicole have a heated argument

Oh please tell me Nicole doesn't actually believe that Eric would willingly screw Kristen. Nicole, you're supposed to be Eric's friend. I thought she of all people would know better. :facepalm:

* Abigail questions JJ's involvement with Theresa.

Oh STFU Abigail....
Are they going to be able to tell it's Kristen in the video? It's either they can tell it's Kristen, everyone thinks it's Nicole or everyone thinks Eric is with just some woman they don't know. And I think the fight will be about Eric thinking Nicole did something underhanded with him to get him into bed and she's hurt by that or she thinks he went off and had a one night stand with some woman and she's hurt by that.
Well Kristen told the girl that's editing the video that she only wants the scene where Eric is saying no deleted so it would be appear that Kristen's face is staying in the video. Which is why Brady's declaration and the video premiere happen at the same time. No coincidence there. I think Nicole is hurt that Eric had a one-night stand with Kristen. Which in itself pisses me off because after all the time she's spent with him, she should know better than to believe that he would throw his career away for sex. Especially since she was the one who found him sick.
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