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Jul 9 2013, 07:12 PM
Maybe it's me but it seemed like today did not feature very many characters. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

I enjoyed the EJ and Stefano scenes as I thought the writing was stronger than usual, given the gravity of the situation. I'm sure EJ's victory will be short-lived but it's to turn the tables occasionally.

I was surprised we saw the joints in the baggie, even though they were undoubtedly fake, probably. I was wondering if all of this marijuana talk was just that or if it would be visualized at some point.
I agree with you about EJ's victory being short lived.Ej being so jubilant about putting something over on Stefano and dismissive of Stefano as having lost his edge seems to be a set up for EJ having the rug pulled from under him by Stefano.Based on Stefano's conversation on the plane,he seemed to be aware of precisely what EJ and Justin were doing before the vote was actually taken by the board of directors and allowed them to "win".I believe this is why Stefano was so calm and understated.Stefano is usually two (2) or three(3) moves ahead of his adversaries.They might foil his original plan but he rarely suffers a complete loss. EJ knows this so when Stefano made the calm statement to the effect that EJ would be begging him to take DE back,this caused EJ to wonder what he has overlooked and worry that something he overlooked will come back to bite him.
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