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I have watched the show for about 25 years and have never been a Lucas fan. I didn't like Lumi and I thought the idea of Lucas and Chloe was the craziest thing I've ever seen (even for a soap). I do acknowledge, however that Lucas and BD have a significant fan base. You could argue that every character does, but I would say that BD's is larger than many. Truth of the matter is whenever Days takes any character off contract they are pissing off a fan base. I imagine when Pooky disappeared there were many upset about that as well, it's the nature of the beast. However, bottom line seems to be that TPTB do not think he can carry a story and his only place on canvas is supporting. I agree with this opinion. I do not find him charismatic in the least, while he is humorous I enjoy his humor only in a limited supporting role. I have no desire to see a new love interest for him. Please let me be clear I am only expressing my personal opinion, I know not everyone agrees with me, nor do I expect that.

I am a huge JS/EJ fan and I'm not going to debate endlessly who has the bigger fan base or who fans want to see because clearly it is opinion based and there are no winners, only arguments. However, for me personally even if it made more sense for BD to be more involved in the Wabi baby SL, or Will's struggle, or to hold AG for the first time I love JS/EJ and as a fan I was quite happy that he was in these scenes. I cannot imagine I was the only one.

On another note, I went to my boss today and asked for more hours which means obviously someone will lose hours, glad my work place doesn't have a board :sarcasm:
As a card carrying member of the Pookie fan club I'd like to point out that you misspelt her name.

Ok I gotta ask did you misspell "misspell" on purpose as a play on words because if you did it was super funny and if you didn't well...lie
Nope that is the correct spelling of misspelt


But i'm Australian so maybe its a colour/ color thing.

But if you want me to lie....

And people say this board isn't educational... :blush:
Wonder if I can get a refund on my student loans...
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