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Episode 15 -- The Chase -- is posted at Salem Reborn

Lucas tells Sami that they need to discuss their relationship. "What exactly are we to each other?" he asks.

EJ enters Abe and Lexie's house. A crowd of people, including Abe, Lexie, Roman, Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John already are there. EJ frowns as he approaches Lexie, who is sitting on the couch. There is different about her and his face falls as he realizes that she cannot see.

Ian is on a phone. He listens, nods, and says, "That sounds about right for now. Nothing fatal. Just a scare."

In a corner of the room, Abe says to John and Bo, "Don't you see? If we can find the prisms, maybe they hold the key to curing Lexie."

Andrew and Jennifer are in the front seat of the car. Abby is in back. Jennifer is on a cell phone. Abby shrieks, "They're shooting," as the back window shatters. An instant later, the car shudders and the steering wheel turns abruptly, sending the car sideways. Jennifer yelps as the phone goes flying from her hand and Andrew shouts for Jennifer and Abby to "Hang on!" as the car goes skidding sideways down the dark road.
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