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Jul 8 2013, 11:08 AM
Wow, don't even know how to respond to some of these post! This is getting way too personal!! It's a soap opera, these are not real people. These stories are being written for them. I agree it's getting pretty bad when you criticize a character and then you are called a "hater". Everyone handles death differently, I think the point here is the writers have overdone the Cassie issue/death. A lot of people turned to a lost loved one when they are down and I think that's what is going on here. Another point that I think is being made is why only Cassie? There are others on this show that have lost loved ones.
I for one have favorite characters, but I'm not blind to their faults. I don't know anyone that can look at any one of these characters and say they have no faults. I was in Sharon's corner during the Faith/Ashley storyline, that didn't mean I hated Ashley. I was never for what Sharon did while married to Victor or even the fact that she married Victor, but I didn't hate her! I hate what the writers are doing to her character. I'm not a Phyllis fan by no means (not because of what's she done, more because I don't like her acting). I thought her acting when finding out Nick lied was awesome. Now what lengths she went to keep Nick's secret I didn't agree with. Same thing goes with other characters (i.e. Nikki, Victor, Jack, Lauren, etc.)......it's a soap opera!! No man or woman on this show is perfect. Just because your favorite isn't loved by everyone doesn't mean zilch. It would make for a very boring soap opera.
My next thought is WTH will happen when Phyllis leaves, who will all the Sharon lovers beat up then :shrug:
You know Phyllis will be bashed long after she is gone...
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