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Jul 11 2013, 12:50 AM
God another long lost son ... something new Bell please?
B&B is becoming more & more like Y&R in its earlier days, when the Foster and Brooks families (who were the dominant families of the show) were front & center. Bell Sr. phased out those families and now you have Newman vs Abbotts. Jill is the only remaining Foster left over from the early days. So it's a matter of Bell Jr. doing the same with the Forresters. It is becoming the Logan/Spencer show. But I totally agree with you. I would've liked Wyatt to be Bill's long lost baby brother instead (Spencer Sr. was also a tomcat back in the day). This would've been a much better storyline, because Bill Sr. & Bill Jr. were estranged for a number of years. There could be a codicil to Bill Sr.'s will in which Wyatt would have a percentage of ownership in SP, and if Bill S. fucks up in any way by mismanaging the company, etc., then Wyatt & Karen would run it & Bill would be left in the cold. Imagine what opportunities THIS could open up! Bill gets kicked out of Spencer, becomes embittered with Katie & the Logans & form an alliance with Steffy, Thomas, Ridge & Thorne to kick the Logans OUT of FC for good!
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