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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Sami lets herself into Rafe's room. Hey Rafe, can you hear me? Rafe again dreams of meeting up with Sami outside the coffeehouse. Sami - See, you're not upset that I'm here, are you?

Chad lets himself into the mansion. He hears EJ telling someone to put it in the trash, no, the warehouse. We'll have a bonfire soon. That can be on the top of the heap. Chad sees that Stefano's portrait is being taken down. EJ, have you lost your mind! Stefano is going to lose it when he sees ... EJ - He already has, quite literally. Chad - What do you mean? EJ - Stefano DiMera lost everything. DiMera Enterprises is no longer his. This is no longer his home.

Brady opens the door to the K mansion. It's Nicole and she's holding all their mail. Your mailman is a very trusting guy. Brady - Don't tell Victor. He'd actually have a civil servant fired. Nicole is here to pick up his donation. Brady points to an artifact on a table in the foyer. It's all ready. Nicole declares that it's very pretty. She talks about where they will place it but notices his expression while he's going through the mail. What's wrong?

Eric hands over an envelope containing tickets to the school opening and reception to Maggie. She thanks him. Victor and I will be there with bells on. It's quite an accomplishment getting that school done. Eric - It is but there were a lot of people who helped. Maggie - I heard you ran yourself so ragged that you got sick. In fact you still look a little peaked.

Dr. Chycka tells Kristen that the chances of the drug being detected are miniscule. Kristen - Is that why you look like you want to climb out of your own skin and run away and hide. Dr. Chyka - I'd be more confident if I could get a look at the lab results.

Dan is at home on the phone looking at the lab report. I faxed you the report. I want you to take a look. I think I found the key to Father Eric's illness.

Gabi and Kate are talking to Cameron in the Lounge. Gabi - Rafe still seems very agitated when he sleeps. Cam - That's a normal side effect of the drugs we used to induce the coma. Patient's tend to have very vivid dreams. Kate - And they're confusing ... that's what Kayla said. Cam - Once the drug works it's way out of his system, he should be fine but it could take weeks. Rafe will be fuzzy for a while.

Sami sits down next to Rafe's bed. I know you're supposed to be resting and take it slow but we really need you to wake up. There is so much that you've been missing out on. We need to catch you up. And you have to explain to me how you ended up running around with Kate. Come on Rafe, you could not have been that desperate, right? Rafe has flashes of his dream where he wakes up in bed with Kate. Sami - I could understand one time with enough alcohol or maybe she ruffied you, which is a legitimate possibility. But after that you were trying to get away from her, right? Maybe that's what happened. You saw her and you thought, God, what do I have to do to get rid of this hag. Hey, enough about that. Focus on happy memories because she certainly doesn't deserve you and sleeping with her almost got you killed.

Dan - No, take a look at the second panel. Yeah, I know it's barely out of range but given the results for the CBC. Yeah thanks Gavin. And could you put a rush on it because if he's been poisoned we need to be on this yesterday. Thanks.

Kirsten is on her cell. Thank you so much. I will call Dr. Jonas tomorrow. After the call she mutters. Or get in his face today. Dr. Chycka - You're going to go to a doctor's private residence? Kristen - Oh shut up. Just wait for my call.

Segment 2: Sami - And Johnny, Sydney and Allie are in this competition where they are each drawing you a picture every single day. Don't worry, I've kept them all in chronological order. Johnny keeps asking about the FBI jacket but I didn't want to give it to him. I want you to give it to him when you wake up. Rafe, can you hear me? Rafe opens his eyes and sees Sami sitting there.

EJ tells the men to just place the portrait there and go upstairs and start on the master suite. He turns to Chad - So this morning could best be described as a bloodless coup at DiMera Enterprises. Father was ousted. I'm the new CEO, majority shareholder. I also took control of all the family subsidiary businesses. Chad - Whoa! Does Stefano even know about this. EJ laughs. I had the great pleasure of telling him to his face; handing the little bastard his head, so to speak. Chad - And you didn't even sell tickets. You could have told a brother that our beloved Father was back in Salem. I'm 15 mins away. EJ - I didn't know he was coming back until he walked through the door. And even if I had ... Chad - You wouldn't have tipped him off. How did you do it? EJ - Would you like a blueprint? Chad - That's not necessary. But you got him, that's all that matters. You got that sick S.O.B. where he lives literally. He must have been furious. EJ - Oh he was livid, absolutely livid but there was nothing he could do because I had already won.

Eric - Actually I'm fine. Your son is taking very good care of me. Dr. Jonas is a very good doctor. Maggie - Yes he is. Eric - You're not a bit too proud of him, are you? Maggie - I'm his mother and I'm sure Marlena is just as proud of you and all that you've accomplished. I better run. One more thing, is there anything I can do for this big event? Eric - Actually there is. It's about Nicole.

Brady hands over the letter to Nicole. She reads it and realises it's about whether or not Brady and Kristen wish to proceed with their adoption. Hell no Brady. I'm so sorry. She's going to tear it up but he tells her not to. Nicole - I can call for you ... Brady - I can call them. I can handle it. Nicole - That's what your pushy friends are for. Let me call them up. He takes her phone. Why won't you let me call them? No, oh no, you're not ... Brady - Don't!
Nicole - Exactly! Don't is the word of the day. Don't even think about getting back together with Kristen. You can't be.

Dan is looking at the results and making notes. His pen runs out of ink. He opens a drawer to get a different one and finds ... an old note from Jennifer? There's a knock on the door. It's Kristen. I'm so sorry to bother you at home. This can't wait.

Segment 3: Eric - You know Nicole works here and she's actually the one who kind of saved the school so she's going to be at the event along with you and Victor ... Maggie - Oh, let me guess. Eric - Well, she and Victor, they were here not too long ago and things were a bit tense ... Maggie - So you want me to put my husband on a leash? Eric - Oh no, I would never ask you to do that. Maggie - Okay, I'll make sure he behaves. Eric - And I will make sure Nicole is on her best behaviour. Maggie - She'll always be you're first love, won't she? Eric - That was a long time ago. Maggie - I know things have changed but it's nice that you still look out for her. Eric - We look out for each other. I mean, she's the one who saved the school. She saved my life.

Brady - No, no! I have no plans to get back together with Kristen. Nicole - Oh yeah. That's exactly how a politician would say it. I'm not planning on running but ... Brady - Why are you busting my chops? Nicole - Why won't you let me call the adoption agency to tell them that you and Kristen are no longer interested in adopting a child? Brady - I don't know. I know it doesn't make any sense ... I realise that. Nicole - No, it doesn't make any sense. She was such a fool. Look at everything you were willing to do to make her happy and she turned on you. The worthless user couldn't care less about what a great man you are! Brady - A great man? I wouldn't go that far. Nicole - Do you think she treated you like the great guy that you are? Brady - Here's what I know. I remember seeing her face when I showed her those adoption papers. She cared! Jen saw it too. Nicole - Well Jen sees the good in everyone except for maybe me. Brady - It's true. Kristen came to love me. Maybe in spite of herself but I know she did. Nicole - Stop it! Stop buying into her lies.

Dan - What's the problem? Kristen - She stares over at his desk where the chart and his notes are. Why are you Jennifer taking a break? We all know what that means. Dan - It may not look like it but I have work to do and I really don't have time for ... Kristen - What? For love? Do you really think it's going to be there waiting for you when you decide to check back in? Jen is heartbroken. Dan - Well she's the one ... Kristen - I know. She's the one who wanted the break but I think she regrets it already and you never really wanted it, right? Dan - No. Kristen - Please let me help you. Does this have to do with Jack Jr because everything was fine ... Dan - Kristen, it's really, really none of your business. He opens the door - Please, I have work to do.

Chad - So where did Daddy go? EJ - I have no idea. Chad - Well, you said you'd get him; that he'd lose a step and trip up. This was in motion for a while, wasn't it? EJ - Months. Chad - So this isn't just payback for Sami taking the blame for Bernardi's shooting, is it? EJ - No, it's not but if I ever doubted for a second that I was doing the right thing, that sealed it. You realise she was about to go to prison for the rest of her life because of that coward's wounded vanity. Chad - She must be so happy. EJ - She will be. She doesn't know yet.

Sami - Wow, you're awake. Rafe looks around. Sami - I'm the only one here right now but Gabi's coming. She'll be here in a little bit and hopefully she'll bring Arianna with her. Rafe looks puzzled. Sami - No, Arianna's fine, nothing to worry about. She is fine. She's healthy and strong and she got to go home from the hospital just like you will too soon. I don't exactly know when but it will be soon. You'll be going home soon ... it's so nice to see your eyes. When I think about how close you came to ... thank God I had that gun. Rafe recalls the rest of the dream where Sami shoots him in the back. The alarms start going off. Rafe - No ... No ... Sami - Rafe? Help somebody. Cam rushes in with Gabi and Kate following. Cam tells Sami she needs to leave. Sami - What! No. He was trying to tell me something. Gabi and Kate tell Sami that she needs to leave. Rafe watches as Sami is ushered out.

Segment 4: Chad - You pulled off the corporate takeover of the decade and your fiancée doesn't even know. EJ - Well she has been a little bit busy Chad. Chad - Not the whole time. This has been going on for months, right. EJ - It's not like I could talk about this. If Father had an inkling of what was going on along the way he would have crushed it. Chad - And you'd be the guy with no platinum card. EJ - Right. So it had to be this way. Chad - She'll understand. I can't get this out of my mind. You took our father out. EJ - He was distracted. That was critical. It wasn't very easy at first but when Kate told him about the affair with Rafe, that drove him mad. Chad - I told you I saw him the night he tried to have Rafe killed.

Near the nurses station Sami stops. I am so sick of this. Kate - Really? You're going with offence here? Sami - I didn't upset Rafe. I didn't. Gabi - So all those beeps and monitors going off was what? Sami - He was trying to tell me something but he couldn't because you jumped all over him before he could get it off his chest. Kate - His chest was about to explode. What were you saying to him? Sami - I was talking to him about my children. How happy they're going to be when he wakes up. That he was going to get to see Arianna soon. Gabi - Wait. You said Arianna. Sami - Yeah. Gabi - You didn't say the baby or Gabi's baby or ... Sami - She has a name, why wouldn't I use it? Gabi - Oh my gosh! Because Rafe knew I was going to name the baby Arianna but he was unconscious when she was born. So the only Arianna he's thinking about is our sister. Sami - And she's dead. Kate - Yes, exactly. He was confused. Gabi - The doctor said that it's hard for him to keep track of reality when he's coming out of a coma and you told him that he'd be SEEING Arianna. Kate - So he thought that he was dying and that's why he was going to see her. Sami - I understand what you're saying and I'm sorry if that's what happened, I truly apologise. But I don't think ... Kate - You certainly don't. Gabi - Why were you even in that room Sami? Kate - Because Sami does what Sami wants to do. Gabi - This is just like when I was pregnant. You snuck into my room and you were driving me crazy. Sami - I went into your room to apologise but I didn't send you to the hospital. You were dehydrated. Kate - Oh come on, really! You always have an excuse for everything, don't you? Sami - Do you want to start with me right now Kate? Gabi - Let's start with you Sami. Let's make this all about you. Kate - Sami Brady always does what she wants. It doesn't matter who she hurts.

The men come back into the living room to pick up the portrait. EJ asks them to wait a minute. He hands a glass of champagne to Chad. I think this moment deserves a commemoration, don't you? Chad - Definitely. EJ - To our Father, a heartless, hollow bastard who I spent far too much time trying to please, goodbye and good riddance. May you never darken my door or hurt those I love ever again. Chad - Amen. What he said. The guys carry out the portrait. EJ - You won't be missed old man.

Cam comes out of Rafe's room and tells that Rafe is doing better; he's much calmer. Gabi asks if she can see him. Cam - Yes. Sami - Gabi ... Gabi ignores her. This is ridiculous! I saved his life and ... Kate - And now you're trying to kill him.

Brady - I'm not buying into anything. I'm just saying ... Nicole - Then why wouldn't you let me rip up the adoption papers. Brady - I don't know. Maybe it's the idea of having kids; it has nothing to do with her. Maybe I saw the chance to have ... he stops. I'm sorry. Nicole - It's okay. I know what you mean. Brady - Yeah, you do, don't you? Nicole - The idea of having your own child; that's a hard thing to let go of. Brady - Have you ever thought about adoption? Have you considered that? Nicole - I don't know. Maybe I'm just not meant to be a parent. Brady hugs her - No, no, no. For the record I have to say I think you'd be a great parent. Nicole - So would you.

Kristen sits down - Please give me a minute. Jennifer is my only friend in the whole world and I don't want to see her throw away a chance at happiness. Dan - That's really up to her. Kristen - You know what this reminds me of. Remember when Chloe pretended to sleep with you to Jen and the two of you almost broke up until I butted in. Dan - No, this is different. It's not a misunderstanding. Kristen - It has to be a misunderstanding. You and Jennifer are perfect together. Please just let me help you. Dan - Who do you really want to help Kristen because it's not me or Jennifer. Kristen - Why are you saying this? Dan - I suspected as much when I saw you with Father Eric at the hospital when I was doing the tests, now I know. I know exactly what you're up to.

Segment 5: EJ is holding something in his hand. I think I should send this to the same place as the painting. Chad - Why does he have an abacus anyway. There's old school but that's ridiculous. Look at it. It's crusty. EJ tosses it aside. I'm planning on doing some redecorating around here followed by a late summer bonfire. So if there's anything you'd like me to throw on it, just let me know. Chad - You're asking me? EJ - I am. Look, there's going to be some changes around here Chad. Chad - Ahh, meet the new boss. EJ - No, actually things will be different. Samantha's always said this place reminds her of a mausoleum. Not anymore. I want this to be a real home. I want everyone here. I want us to be a family. Chad - You want me to live here? EJ - I do. It's a big place; lots of privacy. Kristen can have one wing, you can have the other wing. The kids will be here. They adore you. It will be fun. Chad - I'll have to think about it okay. When Chad stands up he's a bit unsteady. EJ - Whoa, steady there sailor. Chad - It must be the champagne. I'm good. EJ hugs him - Thank you for coming over. Chad - Congratulations EJ. EJ - Thank you. You're welcome here anytime, you know that, right? Chad does. He leaves. The two men return with a covered portrait. EJ - Oh is that it? Fantastic. Put it there. Let's have a look then. Perfect!

Kate - Just go Sami. Sami - Kate, I'm not taking orders from you. Kate - Well the doctor's told you, Daniel told you, that you would upset Rafe. Sami - He completely misunderstood that situation and we both know it. Cam comes back. Kate - Is he quiet? Cam - For now and I agree with Dr. Jonas. You may think we don't understand but what we know is this ... when you go near Rafe, he gets agitated. That put's him in danger so you can not go in there. Sami smirks - Okay, fine. Cam - Sami, if you go in there the hospital security will call the police. Sami - OMG, come on! Cam - Given the last few weeks I doubt that's anything you want. Now excuse me. Kate - Sami, go home to EJ and your children because that's where you belong now. We'll take care of Rafe. Sami sneers - Because this is where you belong? Kate ignores her and goes to Rafe's room.

Nicole - You really should come early to the dedication. We're having a super donor's party beforehand. She sees that he has the adoption papers again. Brady, come on. You look like you're trying to hold on to something that you know is going to hurt you. That is my thing! I'm the masochist in this duo. That's my job okay. Brady smiles - Okay. Nicole - Don't torture yourself. You deserve to be happy. She kisses his cheek. See you later.

Kristen - That is the most bizarre thing. Why would you say ... Dan - Visiting Eric, coming here today ... you're trying to score points with Brady. You want his family to tell him how great you are and how you helped them, right? Kristen - It's not an act. I care about Brady's friends and family. Dan - Okay. While your concern for Eric and me and Jennifer is very much appreciated, there is no way in hell I'm going to get between you and Brady no matter what. Kristen - I know. I understand. Dan - But yet you want to get back with him, right? Kristen - Do you remember that time when you came over. Brady was so proud because I had helped the situation with Jennifer. You were so grateful. And then we went to Chicago. Wasn't that fun? Dan smiles. Kristen - I think that's the closest connection I ever felt to friends and then love. Brady and I were in love. I was just too stupid to know it but it was there. Sometimes I wish I could just rewind the whole thing, go back and start all over again but ... I lost Brady for good. I know there's no going back.

Segment 6: Gabi and Kate are near the nurse's station. Gabi - I can't believe I can't find a babysitter. Sonny is working and Will ... Kate - Honey, just go. I'm going to be here, don't worry. Gabi - Thank you. Please call me for anything at all. Kate - I will, I promise. Gabi sees Chad get off the elevator and says hi. Kate - Kiss the baby for me. Gabi will. She leaves. Kate - So how are you? Chad - Freaked out but maybe in a good way. Kate - Why? Chad - I guess you'll hear soon anyway. It's Stefano. Kate - Is he dead? Chad - No. EJ did some ninja corporate thing and took over DiMera Enterprises. EJ kicked the old man out of his own company. Kate - Wow!

Sami returns to the mansion slamming and stomping. Chirpy EJ greets her. Sami snaps - Why does everyone always blame me for everything! It's not my fault that those monitors and alarms were going off. EJ - You didn't happen to raise your voice by any chance, did you? Sami - No, I was using my indoor voice. I was using my hospital voice even and yet they have barred me from seeing Rafe. Stupid Gabi and Kate and the doctors, they're ganging up on me. EJ - Spiteful women and incompetent men, don't give them another thought. Sami - I was just trying to help. EJ - I know you were but you don't need to be worried about them. You can worry about me. EJ has a little something that might cheer her up. He leads her to the living room. Do you notice anything different? Sami - No, it's still the same mausoleum. The chess board, ancient furniture ... what ... still the Roman head ... EJ, I don't ... she turns around. OMG. Instead of that cheesy portrait of Stefano there's an even cheesier one of her and EJ hanging on the wall now.

Maggie returns home and sees Brady in the foyer. Oh my goodness. You should see all the hubbub over at St Luke's. That new school is beautiful and you haven't heard a word I've said Brady. Brady - I'm sorry, what's going on? Maggie - What's going on? Bad news? Brady - No, sort of a wakeup call. Maggie takes his hand and leads him into the living room. Tell me about it. Brady - You know how in AA, they warn you about transferring drug and alcohol addiction to something else. Maggie knows. Brady - What about love? What about falling in love, breaking up. Do you think you could be addicted to that? Maggie - There's a lot of adrenaline in both of those so yes, absolutely. I don't necessarily call that love. I call that like a chemical rush 'cause I don't think real love jerks you around like that. Brady - I hope not. Let me tell you something. The feeling that I have right now is like withdrawal. It feels just like it; like I can't let go.

Nicole returns to the rectory as Eric picks up the phone and hangs it up. So who are we not calling? Eric - Dr. Jonas. I'm sure if he had any news about my back-up tests he would have called me by now. Nicole - Back-up tests? I thought you weren't doing those. Eric - I changed my mind. I had a slight relapse. Nicole - Are you okay? Eric - I'm fine. It was just enough to convince me that I kind of have to get to the bottom of this. Nicole is pleased. They banter a bit. Nicole - Make jokes, fine. As long as we get some answers as to what made you sick.

Dan is truly sorry. We've all been where you are ... Kristen - And it sucks to be me, I know. I can't help myself so won't you please let me help my friend be happy please. Dan - You want to help Jen. Alright, you should go see her. Parker calls out for Daddy. Kristen - It sounds like he needs you. Dan thinks he's talking in his sleep. Kristen - If he isn't, I would love to meet him. I never have. Parker calls out again. Dan goes to get him. Kristen uses her phone to take pictures of the test results.

Segment 7: Chad walks up to Cam at the nurse's station and asks if he has a minute. Cam - Are you here to get your head examined. That was a pretty nasty spill you took on the 4th. We should run a couple of x-rays ... Chad - My head is fine. There's some things going on that you don't know about. Cam - So this is a personal visit. I can't. I'm the on call for the whole floor. Maybe later. Chad - Sure.

Kate sits at the end of Rafe's bed. It's okay. You don't have to talk. Rafe - Why? Kate - Why? Why what? Rafe - Why did Sami try and kill me? Kate - It's okay, you're safe. Just rest.

EJ - So what do you think? Sami - I think your father's going to freak out when he sees that. EJ - No, he's not. My father is never setting foot in this house ever again. Sami - What! EJ - He's out. My father came back into Salem this morning to learn that he'd been the victim of a hostile takeover. He lost the company. Sami - Wow! Who would do that? Victor? You? EJ - I systemically co-opted all the major players. There was a vote on four continents over 24 hrs and he's out. I'm in control. Sami - Of? EJ - Everything. The entire company, the house, everything. Sami - But that's ... impossible! EJ - No it's not. Sami - Something like that would take years of planning. EJ - For a lesser man, maybe. It took me 5 months. Sami is going to kiss him but pulls back and snaps. 5 months! You have been planning this 5 months. You never told me.

Maggie asks Brady if he's been to a meeting. Brady - Like Lovers Anonymous? Maggie - The cycle's all the same no matter what the substance is. You have discovered something really smart today. Don't let it slip away. Brady - I won't. I'm going to end this downward spiral. Maggie - Good. One day at a time. Brady hugs her. Maggie - It will get better. Anytime, anywhere just call your sponsor. Just yell down that hallway and I'll be there. Brady - I know you will be. She goes upstairs. He rips up the letter from the adoption agency.

Eric tells her the printers called and the programs are ready. Nicole will go pick them up. Would you please call me as soon as you hear from Daniel. He will. She leaves. Eric kneels down to pray. Please Lord, just let me find some answers. Help me find out why I'm sick so I can serve You better. He has a memory flash to being at the front desk and asking the disguised Kristen is he can help her.

Kristen finishes taking the pictures and puts the phone back in her purse. She goes back to the desk and starts straightening out the papers. Dan - What in the hell are you doing?
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