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I just can't see why Sharon would switch the test. If she really did, then that just goes to show how "out there" she really is!!
If Phyllis finds out.............oh I can see it now, Phyllis finds out and threatens to tell Nick and that's when Sharon clombers her and Phyllis dies only she isn't dead. Sharon dumps the body in the pond on the ranch. Phyllis finally regains consiousness before drowing, only Phyllis doesn't know who she is and can't remember anything. A passerby finds her walking the road (remember the way Victor disappeared and ended up in California) and picks her up and she is never seen again. Nick has lost everything and Sharon comes along and picks up the pieces and they live happily ever after until Phyllis comes back to town after she regains her memory. Of course it won't be MS, but it will be Phyllis and she will tell Nick the truth and that my friends will be the end of Shick once again :mutley:
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