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On another note - I like the chemistry between Dixie and Dr. Whatshisname - maybe if they can't get MEK back as Tad, they're setting her up for a new man?
NuNOTColby needs to be slapped. Twice. HARD. Can't stand this character & the actress is making me cringe.
LOVIN the interaction with Dimitri - I loved Michael Nader when he was on Dynasty...the man is just captivating!!

$2 says they're going to kill off Kendall - if she can't miss a dosage, she's in a very precarious situation...I don't want to see it happen, but this should make for some good soap if they go this route. Can't wait to see Thorsten in this storyline - the man is just...stunning!

Poor Jesse...tangling with the Russian mob didn't work out so well. Color me surprised...not. He'd better call Frankie, Randi, and figure out how to protect Angie & Cass as well - Uri is not pleased!!
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