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Jul 11 2013, 09:47 AM
Is this an actual spoiler? Sharon switched the results? She just said the other day that Nick is devastated about losing Summer. I got no impression she did such a thing.
No it is not a spoiler. It is speculation from Nelson B. And that's why I am not putting too much into his thought. After all, she said (talking to her dead child) she only heard that Summer is not his child when Nick was visiting Cassie's grave.
NB was my main source but I first read about Sharon and the paternity test at SOC. I am sure the thread is still there. I knew something very good was coming our (Phyllis, Phick) fans way because MS tweeted three different times that we would love the fun times that were coming in July. She couldn't come right out and tell us for obvious reasons, but it wasn't hard to figure out what she meant.
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