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Jul 11 2013, 10:51 AM
Jul 10 2013, 10:39 PM
Jul 10 2013, 10:28 PM
I can't see the point in her editing herself out if the aim is to hurt Marlena.
Personally I think the point of her editing herself out is so that people will think its Nicole in the tape with Eric. Several characters have asked why Nicole went to the capital with at least a little suspicion in their tones. Dan is on the verge of proving Eric was poisioned and when the hotel staff is asked if they know of anyone that went into Eric's room they are immediatley going to point at Nicole.

I think Eric's flashback was the answer to his pray. God was trying to give him the answer, but when the tape comes out and Eric starts remembering the sex, all he's going to see is blonde. Whether he actually believes Nicole or not is the wildcard in this story for me.

I think Bristen will reunite and the tape will come out and everybody will think its Nicole...except Nicole who will suspect Kristen but based on today's Brichole scenes, I don't think Brady will believe Nicole and it will be up to her to prove the truth..all while trying to keep the fact that she slept with Brady from Eric.

I think its shaping up to be a great story myself a great big old soapy mess!
How does that destroy Marlena? That makes even less sense to me than Marlena supposedly thinking Eric slept with Kristen. The whole thing is lame if you ask me.
I'm not a fan of this s/l either. But I can see very clear that destroying Eric's reputation and ruining his entire existence would hurt his mother a lot (no matter who is he with). Marlena is so proud of what he is doing now. The fact that her son is 30something doesn't make a big difference to his mother either. There is no mother on earth who won't be affected by seeing her children humiliated and shattered.
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