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Farah was miserable to me when I met her at a fan event, but that's Heather Olsen's fault. LOL I chatted a few times with HO via IM (and she used to anonymously post on our Phloe board back in the day; in fact, we "broke" the story when Austin Peck was fired in 2002 because HO posted about it). FF and HO used to hate Jason Cook with a fiery passion, and went so far as to Photoshop a photo from a Shelle make-out scene where they took out Belle and put in a guy. Heather told me to print it out and bring it to Farah as a joke at a signing, and Farah freaked out at me. I think it surprised her. :D HO shared a lot about the BTS high school drama on the show, and Farah used to be right in the center of it. (She also used to hate Nadia, because Nadia flashed her through a window during a scene, which made Farah scream and she got in trouble, so I think it's funny that they're friends now.)

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