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Jul 11 2013, 10:28 AM
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'I don't like Lucas and I see why they don't see him as a lead or write for him.'

I am not a Lucas fan but, I can see that the writers do treat him as if he is insignificant a lot of the times. It is so blatantly obvious and they really dont care.

I am just curious about this statement you made above. Why do you think they dont write for Lucas, and as an actor I dont think he is worse than EJ, so why don't you see him as a lead?


I don't think BD is a bad actor at all, actually I think he's a good actor. I don't see him as a lead because IMO he doesn't have the charismatic qualities of a lead character. This is purely subjective, absolutely no objectivity is related to this statement. I think other leads have more charisma such as Jason Thompson, Steve Burton, Tyler Christopher, even DH (I don't want to start an argument so I won't include JS, even though he is my all time favorite). If you see a mainstream show doing a soap parody they wouldn't use a character like Lucas as the sexy male lead they would use one of those I named above. I just don't see him fitting the perception of a male lead character based on his lack of charisma and sex appeal. Of course, that's all subjective I'm sure there are others who see him as charismatic and sexy.

ITA that TPTB do not treat him well and don't use him in SLs that he would be expected to be in. For example, many Lucas fans argue EJ is inserted in stories where Lucas' place should be. I don't disagree with this. I just think that TPTB think EJ is more popular and/or fans would rather see him and that's why they put him there. I, for one, would rather see him there than Lucas. This isn't real life where a father would be in his son's life when he's having a baby with someone else. This is a soap that wants to put on screen people that fans want to see. A lot of people complain about the lack of realism with the lack of Lucas in the SL, but for me personally I don't care about realism. I just want to see entertainment and the characters that entertain me.

Could they use Lucas in supporting stories? Of course! However, again I think the perception is that fans want to see other supporting characters more or TPTB want to give fans a chance to get to know the JJs of Salem more. I don't necessarily agree or disagree, that's just what I think. It seems from what I read that many die hard Lucas fans are long time viewers, I don't know that new viewers have embraced or enjoyed the character. I guess he hasn't really been on screen enough for a new viewer to know him.

Thanks for asking my opinion!
You actually think that fans want to see more of likes of Daniel and Rafe than Lucas? I don't agree with that in the slightest. Go to ANY board, go to ANY Forum except shipper boards and you'll find an overwhelming majority of posters wanting to see more of Lucas and missing Lucas in story. Every time Lucas appears you see people tweeting out their support and you see posters on boards saying the same thing over and over again, "I want more Lucas".

When Bryan was said to be returning there was an overwhelming joy around the boards with a good majority of posters everywhere stating that they were happy he was back. Here at DR alone, the vast majority of posters were elated: http://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/topic/8616415/1/ and if you go back to the thread where his firing was announced in 2009, you'll see that although there was some outrage, a number of posters didn't really care to see him go, because the writing for him had taken such a toll on his character by then that some people didn't really care, it's sort of what we are seeing now with Drake's news. Bryan and Lucas has fans and they aren't just fans of Lumi BTW.....the misconception I think is that Bryan only has Lumi fans backing him up and I think that is the perception that TPTB have and maybe that is why they don't give a flip about the character, especially when Sami is now in one relationship and they keep throwing her back into Rafe's orbit every now and again. TPTB couldn't be more wrong if this is what's stopping them. I'd say at this time and for the longest time now fans have wanted to see him get chem testing with another female or two, but this show refuses to even make an attempt. This must be the only soap who continuously writes for the popular actresses of pairings and lets the popular males go to waste over and over again.....it's mind blowing.
There is an overwhelming support for BD/Lucas over Daniel and Rafe. Although I don't belong to any other board beside this one. I see the support for Lucas on Soapcentral. Lucas is a legacy character and is a veteran of Days. He was one of the main reasons why I started to watch Days and the reason why I care for Sami in the first place. Lucas was the only one that got Sami and vice versa. As other have stated, it is not the actors fault for BD/Lucas being phase out it is the writing team and head of the Days that is the problem. They have such talent in BD, but they would rather not use BD in favor of other actors who don't have the same loyal followership and fanbase. Now I understand there is no way to measure how large a fanbase is for any character or actor, but I would put a bet that BD/Lucas has a good sde fanbase and lots of suppoprt. However, his character is not being written for at all and that where the problems lies. Even supporting actors can support storylines, but yet he was underused in the Will and the baby storyline. Even supporting players like Marlena were not involved at all. I just don't get tptb idea of not using their talented vets, but in favor of newbies who don't add much to the canvas.
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