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The Phoenix Rises Again From the Ashes

The peeps who helped Ejerk steal the company turn on him. All the takeover drama was monitored and orchestrated by Stefano as a test for Ejerk much the same way he tested Kate. The world begins collapsing around Ejerk. Stefano has been kept in the loop by the household staff as well. He knows how angry Sami was...which lets him know she was not involved.

As the "noose" tightens around Ejerk's neck, he gets increasingly paranoid, accusing Sami and the children of helping Stefano. He locks all of them in the secret room. Stefano sweeps into the mansion with the people Ejerk believed were helping me take3 over the company and laughs at the wilting Ejerk. Dimera thugs remove Ejerk to an uncertain fate....

Stefano lets Sami and the kids out of the secret room and sends them on their way. No $ No help nothing at all. Sami and the kids end up temporarily at the penthouse with Marlena. John comes back to town and gives Sami a job with his company. He sets her and the kids up in a nice house. Then he begins to make amends with Marlena. Lucas begins helping Sami with the kids. Their relationship will improve, but it is going to be a slow process taking more than a year.

Raff and Kate leave Salem and go into the witness protection program so Stefano can never hurt them again.
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