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Panda Panda
Jul 11 2013, 05:02 PM
I'm still confused as to why there's two official DOOL twitter accounts.
one used to be the formal one that basically reminded you to watch & told you when the latest episode/preview/pics were available on the nbc.com website. the other was originally set up for the 45th anniversary to be more interactive and had all sorts of info on it - from the meet & greets, to questions, to whatever else. it was very interactive and relatively well run. the person, as far as i recall, wasn't blatantly biased to one fanbase over another (ex. he/she wasn't Bo/Hope over Bo/Carly, or Sami/EJ over Sami/Rafe).
why they continue to have two is beyond me, unless they're gonna revive the second one if/when Days reaches its 50th anniversary. I have, however, noticed that they use the second one when something important happens that doesn't fit within the "image" they're trying to create with the official one. (ex. A pic of Kristian & her 30th anniversary cake was tweeted from the secondary account, but wasn't even RT by the primary one)
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