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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepNo it is not a spoiler. It is speculation from Nelson B. And that's why I am not putting too much into his thought. After all, she said (talking to her dead child) she only heard that Summer is not his child when Nick was visiting Cassie's grave.
I'm confused, how is something good coming the Phick/Phyllis fans way? Even if Sharon changed the results or whatever there is no Phick anymore. MS is still leaving, so why would Phick or Phyllis fans be happy? Just because it means Summer gets to stay Nick and Phyllis' daughter? Phyllis is still gone. I don't see how any fan could be happy with this outcome tbh. I'm not that's for sure. I may not be a huge Phick fan but I do know that at one time MS was one of the best actors in daytime. I don't see her leaving as a good thing, no matter who's child Summer turns out to be.
LOL excellent post. Well the thing is NOTHING good is coming their way. Sharon's destruction is a small and meaningless victory... Months from now, Phyllis will still be gone and people in GC will eventually forgive Sharon and move past it.
If she did change the results ( which i hardly doubt), no one, including Nick will ever forgive her... It will be the end of Shick, IMO.
But there is no Shick right now. Last time I checked he was with Avery. As for Nick never forgiving Sharon, this is a soap opera. She's been with his brother and his father do people really think this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back? He will get over it, they always do. This still all happened because of something Nick did, not Sharon or Phyllis.
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