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Sammie Jo
Jul 12 2013, 12:22 AM
Jul 11 2013, 10:17 PM
Jul 11 2013, 08:57 PM
It is simply, as i am shick hater/Phyllis fan, i am happy shick implode (the ho tempered the dna test and by jalousy, she doing bad at Phyllis and Nick will be never forgive her) !
And the strong link (if summer stay a newman), still there ! Phyllis in the coma, is not a problem, she can come back and we know that will be not good for shick !

Sharon is better alone, so far from the Newman men ! she must move on !
Why do you think it is spoiler that Sharon tampered with the DNA test results? It seems Nelson's SPECULATIONS are now considered spoilers.

Nelson is more wrong than right. He is speculates like all of us.
Actually the first place I read about this was at SOC (scoops). Nelson came out with his much later. But I will say this. Also I remember am interview done at the Emmys with HK (Summer), she said there were major twist coming.

Why would JFP make Jack Abbott Summer's father? Aside from killing the romance between Kyle and Summer and rewarding one of the worst fathers in Y&R's history with a beautiful daughter, where is the story?

Back to NB. I am 100% sure he was told exactly what was going to happen. Some of this plays out next week so we shall see.
why is jack one of the worst fathers in history?
If phyliss is in a coma, she's going to have to die pretty quick or recover in record time in order to leave town in a couple of weeks. I forget what her departure date is but she's filmed her last scenes.
Jack Abbott is the worse. Diane raised Kyle alone. I think Jack mentioned Kyle 2 in about 6 years! The only reason Kyle is back in Jack's life is because Diane brought him back to GC. What about Keemo? Keemo could be dead for all Jack knows or cares.
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