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Viewing Single Post From: Patsy Pease taping Days next week

I would give a lot to see Kayla, Hope, and Kimberly have some chat time, seriously. I do think Kim will be a little busy, because unless I miss my guess, Jeannie's going to be a big headache to her mom there for awhile. And things could get complicated if Kayla's long-over relationship with Shane comes to light and Jeannie gets wind of it. That was a big mess. It's true that Kayla's only really loved Steve all this time, but that relationship did happen. The fact that Kim and Shane were divorced wouldn't make a lot of difference to Jeannie...Then there was the whole Cal Winters thing? And Kimberly sleeping with Lawrence...though THAT wouldn't come up because the writing has it that Stefano had Steve, even though WE all know Lawrence Alamain really did it...and in MY head, Lawrence TOOK Steve, and then gave him to Stefano at some point. Oh, and wait...Does Jeannie know about Kim's past as a hooker?

Man, things could get really tough. Kim would always have to figure that might come out someday.

Just like I always wondered if Abby and Stephanie would ever find out that Jack raped Kayla back in the day.

Angst for the new generation, based on the actions of the previous one. History. It rocks!
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