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One of the big reasons I would be in favor of Reckell joining GH is the disrespectful way Days has treated its legendary characters of Jack Devereaux and John Black in the past year. John Black has been written atrociously since Kristen came back---him sleeping with her to break up Bristen? Really? And hell they killed off Jack by giving him the "shaft." It pains me to say this but if you were a leading romantic male in the 1980's-90's TPTB don't give a rat's ass and that is the sad, sorry truth. I could see Peter being very wary of going back to Days considering what has been done to John. It's for this reason I hope if Stephen Nichols returns to the soap world he takes back the title of Count Stefan Cassadine.

Sorry for the tirade but it still frosts me what has been done to Jarlena. It's kept me tuning in to GH despite my unhappiness at the recent Franco stuff. My dislike for nuFranco PALES in comparison for my loathing of the way Jarlena have been written lately, particularly the character of John.

If Peter does come to GH I really need for there to be an episode with him and either Lulu or Nikolas having a Stavros flashback. The two Bo's reunited at last!

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