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Sammie Jo
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Jul 13 2013, 10:04 AM
Sammie Jo
Jul 13 2013, 09:33 AM
Jul 13 2013, 09:11 AM
What worse nik crime or First former Mrs. Nick Newman come on
Nik 1000 worse chose another child over his
Then wants First former Mrs. Nick Newman play 2nd fiddle to Current former Mrs. Nick Newman
While Victor Jr. number 1
if First former Mrs. Nick Newman changed the results, then nick didn't do anything wrong, summer is his.
That doesn't change the fact that what Nick did WAS wrong. This is the part that makes me the most upset. They did this so everyone excuses what Nick did. Just because Summer is still his doesn't mean he was right in what he did. Anything to make a Newman look good again. I've said all along no way they take someone from a Newman and hand her to an Abbott. No way.
what did Nick do wrong? He thought he did, but it turns out he didn't, he should have had another test done when the first one was inconclusive, that was definitely negligent & selfish, and, he had to live with that all these years.
If summer had ended up being Jack's, which, I guess she's not, then he really didn't do anything wrong.
If summer was jack's, then Nick would have been responsible for turning everyone's life upside down, which it is now, BUT, their lives are only upside down because S h a r o n switched the test results, had she not done that, none of the ensuing angst would have happened.
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