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Jul 13 2013, 01:37 PM
Jul 13 2013, 01:24 PM
Here we go again! :facepalm:
You know the best way to end all conversations abouy a rape couple is to end the rape couple. Why is that so hard for the TPTB to understand. You cant force fans to ignore what they hate but you can stop giving it to them.

Its like demanding fans stop talking about killing off Jack or Dan's love of patient love. Fans will talk about history. Even the stuff they ignore.

Much like Beavis and Butthead once said...
That's why they are not ending them. They want us to talk about it, and it is quite obvious it doesn't matter to TPTB that they have put have put a rapist with his victim and calling it love. Otherwise they would not feature them so much. It is like rubbing it into our faces, (those of us who are against this pairing) by having them have angry sex. The first time, the excuse was because they thought their son died, now they don't bother with an excuse, just give them something to argue about, and then the rough sex comes in. (By the way, I have no interest in watching their scenes, and I had watched the show, I would have ffwd them).

I think they like it when they upset fans. It's like Daniel having a reputation of falling in love with his patience, and it was constantly argued about on the boards amongst those that liked Daniel and those that did not. So, what did TPTB do, they destroyed his relationship with Chloe made Jennifer his patient and the next thing we knew, he was falling in love with Jennifer, not long after coming out of his relationship with Chloe. It would not have looked so bad, if he had not told Chloe that, 'there is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.' So, instead of writing Daniel, so that he no longer has that reputation, they instead fed it.

They have Kristen raping a priest. Don't tell me they could not think of anything else for Kristen to do to Marlena, if she wanted revenge so badly, but they rather to go the most shocking and disgusting way. Guaranteed to have us talking. And what gets me is that they keep showing that video of them over and over, as if once was not more than enough. Next they will have Kristen and Eric in love with each other. Guaranteed to have more upset viewers, which they seem to love.
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