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Jul 13 2013, 08:59 AM
This story should have never been revisited in the first place... None of these characters come out smelling like roses... It was stupid and the only reason for the revisit is because a select group of fans wanted it, but as a fan, i know we don't always get what we want..So they should have left it alone... Just dumb to even tell the tale..

I'm so freakin frustrated with this gawd forsaken show.. Makes me nauseous to even discuss it..
Regardless of how anyone feels about certain characters on this show, there it a total disregard for the show's history by doing this. Plus, the systematic destruction of the characters is like a big "Screw you" to the fans of the character and the show. You cannot possibly have high ratings without wide range and that has been FOJ problem all along in her career.

I'm disturbed about this for several reasons. First there has been a calculated decision to clear out the aging female population or totally destroy them so the kiddo's will tune in to their favs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The thing is Michelle Stafford left for a reason, whether she was shoved out or not. It's not clear that she had another job and frankly she just bought a new house for her family so I am not convinced this was a decision she made wholly on her own. Now this with First former Mrs. Nick Newman Case..... If you think FOJ President won't pulverize your favorite, think again! She is into total destruction and NOBODY is checking her. When FOJ President rolled her wagon in there she quickly got rid of fat and old and I think she is gunning for The YOUNG & the Beautiful. No others need apply.

The other thing that pisses me off is they said outright they were going to fix First former Mrs. Nick Newman and that was lip service just like every other thing they have told us. Just trash talk.

I just think this is ominous as hell!

WTH is going on? Every time I write SHARONNEWMAN without the Newman it comes out with some stuff about FIRSTNICKNEWMAN 7 THAT COMES OUT AS STAFFORD.

Board's been hacked.

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