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A new man arrives in Salem (played by Matt Ashford) who has bought the Salem Spectator and is looking to get it revived.

He bumps into Nicole and in a flirty charming discussion about who he is mentions he is a reporter.
She mentions she was once a reporter for Titan TV.

Back at the convent Brady and Eric are still giving Nicole grief. Its clear she is becoming exasperated with the church PA postition.

Nicole gets an offer from Salem Spectator to be on board. She quits and begins working for the Spectator. Abigail has also been hired as an intern. Segways into various minor storylines with Nicole and Abigail debating ethics, investigative reporting techniques, approach to work. Abigail gets pissed when it is clear there's maybe also some not so work related activities potentially occuring between Nicole and MA character.

Despite Matt Ashford playing the role and looking as he usually looks noone thinks he's Jack.
Jen meets him and is convinced she has a connection with him. She starts busybodying in the MA - Nicole relationship. Jen becomes more and more convinced that MA is Jack.

Nicole laments to Brady that everyman she starts falling for is obsessed with someone else. EJ and Sami, Brady and Chloe, Daniel and Jen, Eric and god and although she didn't believe it at first Jen is so convinced that the MA character is Jack she fears she is possibly going to lose this new man as well. She decides to put the brakes on the new relationship to protect her heart. MA character not pleased with this development and denies any potential connection to Jack.

Jen gets more and more obsessive about it. Dr Jonas is upset by Jen's persistance and the possibility of her being more interested in another man. He breaks off the relationship. Abigail and Nicole try to find out more information on the sly to no avail. Eventually Jen is going off the deep end. Marlena decides to hypnotise MA character to see if there is any possible connection. No connection is established. Jen is losing the plot by now. MA and Nicole start to tentatively get involved again. Jen goes off the deep end - ends up needing to be placed in a care facility.

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